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  Family owned and operated since 1956, S&H Concrete Contractors, originally Sanchez & Hernandez concrete contractors, has over 86 years of concrete construction experience and a family tradition of hard work and dependability. The story of S&H is the story of the American Dream. A mason by trade, our grandfather, Juan Hernandez, left his native Arizona seeking his fortune in California.

  Ernest Hernandez, Juan’s son, founded the company of Sanchez & Hernandez Concrete Contractors, Inc. in 1956. By 1972, three generations were working together in a true family business. Ernest began doing residential work, continued with self storage buildings and later became a major force in the Tilt Up construction industry. The corporation reached a volume in 1985 of approximately 14 million per year.

  No job was too big or too small for the growing company, and that continues to hold true today. Now in its third generation, S&H continues to seek challenges while expanding its technological edge.

  Ernest Hernandez is the President and Dave Hernandez is Vice President.
Ernest Hernandez, however, has run several businesses in the industry simultaneously. 

  In 1991, Ernest joined and sold his interest of Sanchez & Hernandez to J. D. Diffenbaugh and established the Concrete Division better known as ICC, of which Ernest became General Manager and his son, Dave, became Field Manager. Under the leadership of Ernest and Dave Hernandez, ICC had reached a level of approximately 65 million per year.

  From 1991 to 2002 Ernest and his son, John Hernandez, also became involved in the construction of several Price Club’s/Costco’s throughout Mexico, as well as other international projects. Dave Hernandez, as Field Mgr. for ICC, would oversee the projects at ICC while Ernie was away.

 In 2002, while at ICC, Ernest began another company (S & H Concrete Contractors, Inc.) to develop the skill of Decorative Concrete and Concrete Floor Repair. While he intended to keep this small business for the purpose of developing his Decorative Concrete and Concrete Floor Repair skills, many companies would ask him to do tilt- up work or other commercial projects.  Although S & H Concrete would not do any tilt-up projects while Ernest and Dave were employed with ICC, the company has been involved in many other projects (see our portfolio). 

  In September, 2006, Ernest and Dave Hernandez left ICC to concentrate on the projects for S & H Concrete Contractors, Inc. Together, Ernest and Dave, have a vast knowledge of the concrete construction industry and maintain a vast list of skilled workers, material suppliers and other related subs. Their knowledge of construction techniques and scheduling along with quality supervision and management, assures the safe, accurate and expeditious completion of any project they take on. 

  Through the years, Ernest and Dave have proven themselves to be truly high performance subcontractors.

  At S&H, we are proud of our heritage and our accomplishments. We proudly stand behind the philosophy of our founder and grandfather, Ernest Hernandez and Juan Hernandez, who instilled the importance of a strong work ethic and said, “Do good work. Be responsible. Take care of the community and the people who work for you.”


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